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Chillow Chillow
Use the Chillow® and you will never again long for a cool spot. Whether it's your pillow or your back, the soft cooling sensation will create comfort you can't resist. Patented SoothSoft® Comfort Technology provides a unique fluid-cool, cushioning memory foam effect that is steady and long lasting.
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Chillow - Two Pak Chillow - 2 Pack
Buy two Chillows®! Use one for your pillow and one for relaxing around the house or getting relief at work. Be their hero, purchase one for yourself and give the other to a hot and bothered friend. Try two today!
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ChillowPLUS ChillowPLUS®
If you need extra cooling, top & bottom, this product is for you. We have created a Hydro-Soothe back that feels fabulous allowing the ChillowPLUS to emit soothing coolness from both sides. As always our products are latex free and this one comes with additional velcro and rubber "sticky feet" so you can customize your cooling experience by making the ChillowPLUS a comfortable wrap or a great non-shifting pillow pad for those of you who sleep on their tummies. The possibilities are endless, the non electric cooling power, DIVINE!
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ChillowPLUS - 2 Pack ChillowPLUS® - Two Pak
Our coolest product ever now comes in two! Indulge yourself and someone you love with the two sided fluid-cooled comfort. The ultra cooling capacity of the ChillowPLUS® can be used as a wrap or as a standard size cooling pillow pad, this awesome Duo will help you and your partner sleep uninterrupted through the night and then some. Cool longer, cool faster, sleep deeply.
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Chillow & ChillowPLUS Cool ComboOriginal Chillow® & ChillowPLUS Cool Combo
When you need all the cooling you can get, get them both! We have packaged one original Chillow® and one new ChillowPLUS® to help super soothe you. Each has a different backing, one is flocked, the other has Hydro-Soothe making it wrap friendly. No matter what your need, this dynamic duo can get the job done. Our favorites, your new "go to" Cool Care System.
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