Benefits & Testimonials

Superior comfort,
verified customer relief
— proven sales results

While today’s cooling version is light years ahead of our past, the original invention does work wonders.

Our previous technology enjoys an array of kudos as it relieves so many things:

Sunburns, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Headaches - including Migraines, Back Aches, Sore Feet, Insect Bites, Swelling, Bruising, Sprains, Leg Cramps, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, Pregnancy Discomfort, Fevers

You name it, it was used for it, even featured in Parent magazine in their reproduction segment. Turns out the laptop generation heats up a gentleman’s wares to the point of yes, you guessed it, sperm extinction, decreased motility and weak potentcy.

Let’s face it, no one operates well in hot conditions, it is a recipe for disaster.

Parents with ADD and ADHD children loved it because it calmed down their overactive child's brain. Kids in general would get hooked on this comforting sensation.

Pets got in on the action and vets added it knowing that it helped with everything from hygromas to hips to after surgery recovery. Calm dogs, calm customers.

So personal cooling was a hit with people & pets and they let us know it.

Actual Testimonials:

I have migraine headaches, and I absolutely cannot be without this."

It treated my son’s fever when he had chicken pox very effectively, and he uses it constantly."

My wife relieves her hot flashes, my son soothes his headaches, and I comfort my back pains - all with one item. This device truly is awesome, and I'm not a guy who blows smoke for anyone. It's a great product."

My daughter had a fever of 101°. After laying on it for about a half hour, her temperature had dropped by 3 degrees and I didn’t have to give her any medication! I am so thankful!”

I just wanted to tell you – this has seemed to cure my hot flashes and night sweats. I am so much more comfortable than I was prior to having the product…Thank you very much for a great thing."

For the past month and a half I’ve been bothered with hot flashes during the night that had gotten so bad I was seriously considering some sort of medication (against my better judgment). Luckily I came across you on-line one day when I was researching hot flashes. I ordered immediately and just have to let you know that it has been a life-saver. I don’t know how I slept without it!! I’ve since told three friends about it and they’ve ordered theirs and are just as happy. Thanks so much for a much needed product.”

I happened to see a write up of your product on MSNBC. I decided to try it. Let me tell you, it’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. I haven’t been without it yet, even on vacation. I just can’t sleep without it. What a fabulous invention. Since I’ve had it, I’ve told everyone how wonderful it is. When I see my doctor, I plan to tell him so he can tell all his menopausal patients to try it. They won’t be disappointed. I just love it. It’s also made my husband’s life a lot nicer. Thank you so much!”

I just wanted to write and thank you for your amazing product. My nephew is five years old and has a terminal condition called a mitochondrial disease. In addition to many symptoms and worries, Derek has no ability to control his temperature. The past years have been difficult as he overheats without warning. Until we came across your product this Christmas, there was little we could do but keep him undressed no matter the weather. Now we are all sleeping through the night as he stays comfortable and we’re looking forward to a summer where we hope to be able to take him outside – he loves to look up at the leaves under a shady tree. Thanks to your product he’ll now be able to do that for more than a few minutes at a time. This device has changed our little guy’s life – his parents, and I cannot thank you enough”!

A diagnosis of breast cancer is traumatic. After treatment, I felt worse than before. Add tomoxifen to the chemically induced menopause and you have hot flashes and night sweats, you wouldn’t believe. The first night I used my device was the first night I slept the whole night through without being wakened by my night sweats. I’ve raved about your product to my surgeon, my gynecologist, and my Breast Cancer Support group. As you know Breast Cancer survivors are unable to use Hormone Therapy. Thank you. You have improved my quality of life.”

I’m the old gal that bought your product for my burning feet, and it’s really great! I’ll bet you sell a LOT of them!"

My wife and I got in a car accident, and we treated her badly banged elbow and knee injuries by wrapping your cooling device around them. I tell you, the way it treated the pain and swelling was truly incredible for both of us, and her attending physician was very impressed. There is nothing like it. Also, I sleep on mine every night - it is truly an outstanding product."

My boyfriend calls your product the best thing he’s ever seen. He will NEVER sleep without it."

Hello, brilliant Cooling People! I’m just writing to say I’m in LOVE with this product - I can’t sleep without them, no matter what time of the year. When are you going to make a bed-sized lining? Let me know as soon as you have one!"

In addition to sleeping on it, I accidentally found that when I get restless legs and put it under my calves, the restless legs go away almost immediately!! Wonderful!!”